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Our engineers have 15 years of extensive experience and all the required knowledge. Our expert can easily recover your data from RAID server. We can help you in recovering you’re the data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Leicester Raid Recovery

Software Fault From £495

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Mechanical FaultFrom £895

2-4 Days

Critical Service From £995

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Common Issues in Array and RAID Server:

Using RAID serve, one can access the data stored on different drives at the same time. More than one person can also use the drive simultaneously. RAID Server mainly used in the business house. RAID Server works on firmware and which supports its communication system. Firmware issues can break the communication, and you will not be able to store data in drives. Our expert can recover data from damaged RAID server easily.

RAID Server and Failure in Hot Swapping:

Using hot swapping, one can replace an obsolete hard drive with a newer one, without disabling the server. Hot swapping is an easy process, but sometimes it can lead to the complex situation due to hot swapping failure. It can corrupt the RAID server, and hard drive will not work properly. To fix hot swapping errors, you can contact us, and we will guide you for this.

Error during Rebuilding RAID Server:

RAID server rebuild is a very complex and difficult job, and no engineers prefer to do that. A small mistake during rebuild can destroy the server. No one will able to access the hard drives. If you face any issues during RAID server rebuild, take our experts help to solve the issues quickly. We will do our best to recover the data.

Firmware Upgradation Failure in RAID server:

Firmware is important for both devices and servers and needs timely upgradation. It carries information and regulates the devices. Firmware corruption during updating it can lead to miscommunication. It can break the link between the system and hard drive. To get perfect guidance for the firmware update, you can take our help. Our engineers can also retrieve data from corrupted RAID server.

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