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Our engineers have 15 years of extensive experience and all the required knowledge. Our expert can easily recover your data from laptops. We can help you in recovering you’re the data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Leicester Laptop Recovery

Software Fault £199

2-3 Days

Mechanical Fault £299

2-3 Days

Critical Service £795

1 Day

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Laptop Hard Drive and its issues:

Lightweight and portability of the laptop have made it very convenient for use anywhere. But while carrying it can get dropped, knocked and bumped. It can collide with other moving objects. Such incidents can affect the laptop hard drive and will make it unusable. It can also suffer from hardware and software issues. Well, we know how to deal with such problems and can recover your data.

Failure of Mechanical Components in Laptop Hard Drive:

Laptop hard drive made up of various small mechanical components like arms, spindles, platters and head bearings. A small problem with one of these components can develop serious issues. We use latest data recovery software to recover your data in such situation.

Power Surge can Damage the Laptop Hard Drive:

Power surge sends more level of electricity than normal into the laptop. It can damage both laptop and its hard drive. You can use the power surge protection unit to prevent damages. To recover your data from hard drive corrupted by the power surge, call us now.

Firmware and BIOS Battery Failure in Laptop:

BIOS battery helps to control the bootup process in the laptop by detecting required boot-up files. In battery failure, the OS will not be able to analyze that boot-up files and the laptop will no startup. The firmware also works like BIOS or CMOS battery. It helps to transfer instruction throughout the system. Firmware issues will develop communication errors, making the hard drive inaccessible. We can deal with BIOS and firmware issues and can retrieve all your data from the inaccessible laptop hard drive.

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